Case Study #1

There is no substitute for relevant experience. Once our founder was engaged to speak to a party about brokerage and consulting because the party found themselves acting as the executor of an estate and they needed to show the estate attorney the anticipated value of a liquidated asset.

A report was made with a substantial bracket of value at the time of the report there was no measurements taken so the square footage was estimated pending, well measurement. In addition there was some partially completed remodeling, and depending on the completion of that and aspect and final size a there would also be a substantial swing in value.

A marketing plan and timeline was discussed – but when we showed up with the measuring tape we’d been informed a “TTP” or a toe tag predator, one who reads the obituaries and does property searches looking to take advantage of simple folks was going to buy the asset.

We asked the executor to consider the market and open the asset to competition, to consider their siblings stake in equity. It happened the simple executer armed with a range he did not understand was convinced by the TTP that the TTP was going to put substantial money into the asset then resell it and so the very bottom of that price range was accepted. So the simple executor thinking they were being crafty decided to take the TTP offer and reject the brokerage.

Cut out the broker, save BIG money right?

No. The day after the asset was sold it was back on the market with a 40% price hike.

Don’t be simple.