How to sell an asset without alerting tenants

Tenants can be alarmed and act sporadically about potential sales and theoretical rent hikes or being displaced. The more tire kickers your drag though the unit the worse the problem can become – if there was or had been landlord tenant disputes they may be aired to buyers during showings and this is not a positive experience for a buyer wondering why you want to sell.

Learn how we handle this situation

How to vet multifamily buyers

Anyone with a 30-year amortization from 2019 (or before) on a $200-300,000 home can get a HELOC now and have the cash downstroke to go shopping.

If you’re 2-3 parties removed from the principle you just can’t be sure the buyer is in fact capable of closing any multifamily transaction. Inexperienced buyers and agents without proficient understanding of multifamily transactions and underwriting can cause transactions to fall apart after the offer to purchase is signed, if an offer ever gets accepted.

Or founder has millions and millions of dollars in multifamily commercial sales in experience and applying this specific knowledge to your transaction has value. If you run into road blocks its nice to have someone that’s navigated though something similar successfully in the past.

How to sell an asset with a property management company in place

3rd Property long term managers (or live in managers) may have all the same concerns about a sale tenants can have. When and if they are ever are apprised to a potential sale their workload goes up and they may lose the management position.

This is a good example of things home sellers don’t interface with on and typical residential transaction, find out how we manage managers.